The Greatest Governmental Overreach To-Date: Ohio Judge Removes Parental Custody of a 17 Year Old Daughter Because She Wants To Become a Boy and Her Parents Want Her to Remain a Girl.

Imagine she’s your daughter. She’s confused. She’s feeling maybe she was born with the wrong chromosome. Counselors are telling her she should be a boy instead of a girl and if only she would have hormone replacement therapy (i.e. heavy doses of testosterone) and surgery (the removal of her breasts-yes that is what is being done and more) she would be happy. Less confused. Less depressed. You are her parent, and she is wanting to make these disastrous changes to her body. What do you do? Would you send her to a trained counselor who specializes in healing the minds of confused girls and boys who are made to believe they are transgenders? Of course you would. Do you try to reason with her that her fantasy (which is what this is see #1 below ) is psychological and not physical? Of course you do. You try to do everything in your power to help your daughter accept her God-assigned sexuality that cannot be changed no matter what may be done to her body. That’s a fact. See the quote below from this article from 2

But wait! You no longer have that authority. That’s right. Who are you as her parent to guide your daughter’s forever life-altering and body-altering modifications? You no longer have that right. Oh no. The state knows better. Or more accurately, a judge and pro-transgender prosecutor in Ohio believe they have more authority than you to make those decisions regarding your own flesh and blood. That’s right. You’re just the parent. What do you know? Nothing. You supposedly hate your daughter, so the judge must step in and have your in-laws take over the parenting duties because you can’t be trusted to parent your daughter with common sense any more. (See this article in the Christian Post for the full story.)

Did I say the state knows better? To my knowledge that is incorrect. I know of no Ohio law that says parents must relinquish their parental authority over their daughter or son if they disagree with and oppose their children’s desired sexual reassignment surgeries. That means that this judge, along with this rabid prosecutor in Hamilton County Ohio, have decided that they have the right to usurp the God-given authority granted to parents and have more authority that God Himself. That is really the level of overreach these two self-appointed gods are giving to themselves.

How can I say they are usurping God’s authority? Because our laws are based on natural law. (For more information about this see the article below 3 ). Natural law from God maintains that parents have the right to direct their children’s education and moral upbringing (see also these cases before the Supreme Court which restated this simple truth: Pierce vs. Society of Sisters or Meyer vs. Nebraska). Our federal constitution gives states the right to make individual laws regarding marriage and parenting and the states have synced those laws to the natural law of God revealed in the Bible. What has worked supremely well for our 242 year old nation and for humanity for 6,000 years is no longer acceptable to progressives who want to take control of your daughter’s life.

Do you have an inkling of the enormity of the battle we are in? What may be an isolated decision in Hamilton County, Ohio will eventually be the catalyst for similar overly zealous law-making judges (that should be an oxymoron, at least the law-making part) to make identical decisions in your town with your daughter. Unless this decision is successfully appealed and the judge reprimanded for overstepping his bounds (I would like to see him disbarred) then no parent is safe from having a judge take custody away from you over your child. Your child wants to watch pornography 5 hours a day? If you say no, some judge will put him in a home where they can watch it 10 hours a day. If your child wants to smoke marijuana and you say no, some judge may someday decide he can be taken out of your home and placed in a home where smoking joints is a daily ritual.

The only lasting power we have against these absurdities is to keep a conservative president in the Oval Office who will continue to appoint judges who are conservative traditionalists to the Supreme Court, court of appeals, and district courts. The progressive activists have lost the electoral battlefield, and their only hope is to keep the judiciary on their side, making laws up as they will. It is time we put a stop to this nonsense. I pray you will support your current President since he is doing just what he promised he would do with his judicial appointments.

[1] ”   As quoted from the preceding document comes this statement from the horse’s mouth: “Terri Webb was a transgender activist who came to the conclusion that her activism was little more than “’an unsuccessful attempt to get others to legitimize my fantasy.’”

[2] No one can change his or her sex. The DNA in every cell in the body is marked clearly male or female. Hormones circulating in an unborn child’s brain and body shape his or her development. Psychiatrists and surgeons who have served transsexual clients know surgery does not change sex. George Burou, a Moroccan physician, admitted: “I don’t change men into women. I transform male genitals into genitals that have a female aspect. All the rest is in the patient’s mind.” From


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I shepherd the flock of believers called Cornerstone Church in Alexandria, MN, a family integrated Baptist Church and more importantly am married to a fabulous woman named Pati who is grandmother to our 5 wonderful grandchildren, Luke, Wyatt, Brin, Livy and Eleanor (Ellie).
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