Syrian Migrants. Are They Trojan Horses to Kill Americans or Helpless Victims to Be Pitied (and helped)?

migrantsNo matter who you talk to, it seems that people fall on one side of this argument or the other, depending on which side of their hearts are talking. Softies want to rescue the babies while toughies are thinking only of the recent Paris carnage caused by the terrorists and do not wish to see the same carnage happen here, especially while they might be shopping at the Mall of America during the Christmas season with their families. So which side is right?  Answer: both sides are right and I ask, why does it have to be one way or the other? Why can’t it be “both, and”?

Let’s get creative here instead of shooting Facebook arrows at each other and potentially damaging our feelings for one another. I repeat, it does not have to be either or, and if our government were working properly instead of “business as usual” they would be able to come up with a sensible, common sense solution to this quagmire.

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Kim Davis is Not a Victim of Religious Persecution

Kim Davis mug shot

She is however, a victim of a tyrannical, out-of-control judiciary that thinks it is both the legislative branch of government and the judicial branch all rolled into one. By now you are probably very familiar with this mug shot of Rowan County Kentucky clerk Kim Davis being processed as an inmate for refusing to obey the Supreme Court of the United States in its Obergefell vs. Hodges ruling which decided (5-4) that states must now allow same-sex couples the marriage licenses they request, no matter what! When gay couples (who were out-of-state plants by the way) came to her office to get a marriage license, she refused and when asked why she wouldn’t obey the law, she said she was obeying God’s law. Wrong answer! She should have said, I am obeying the State of Kentucky’s law and doing my job for which the people of this county elected me to do which is to abide by Kentucky’s constitution, a constitution that prohibits same-sex marriages. Period. End of debate. She is the one who is actually obeying the law and it is the U.S. Supreme Court which is acting as the lawless ones. Let me explain.

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How Secure is Your Marriage?

seniors in love

Will you and your spouse still be married 60 years from now (providing of course both of you are still living in your 80’s or 90’s)? Or, to put it another way, are the vows you both repeated on your wedding day strong enough cement to hold you together “til death do you part”? If you had to put odds on the survivability of your marriage, would you give it a 50/50 chance, or a 75/25 chance, or a 90/10 chance of survival?  If no marriage is guaranteed to last, what odds are acceptable to you? Are you willing to live with less than 99.999 to .001 odds? Perhaps this is a better question, “If you are in a marriage you think has only a 50/50 chance of survival are you willing to increase those odds to 75/25 and then later to 90/10 and maybe even bring it up to 99.9 to .1?

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Help! I Caught My Son Smoking Weed!

caught smoking weedThis was the mother’s heart-wrenching cry as she poured out her parenting frustrations to my wife in the hallway of ___________ (sorry but that would be too much public information). What should this mother do next?  Should she hit the panic button and ground him for the next two years?  Not a bad idea actually but very impractical (I’m kidding, about the good idea part).  Should she throw her hands up in despair and write her son off as a lost cause? No, one puff does not make an instant heroin addict, (although, ask an addict and they will tell you they all started with one puff). Should she send him away to some private boot camp for delinquent boys hoping some amateur drill sergeant will exercise the demon right out of him? Even if she had mega-bucks, this certainly would not get to the heart of his problem.  Maybe if he’s 18, she could march him down to the Marine Corps recruiting office and get him signed up and let them handle his drug problem. They will put an end to his drug habit, but they probably won’t accept him since they are getting picky about applicants these days. Actually this is not a bad idea at all if they would take him.  Besides dealing with his blossoming drug habit, the military would also instill many manly characteristics into his flexible semi-manly fiber with real drill sergeants. But despite these huge bennies, the military still cannot change the boy’s heart, and that is the real issue isn’t it?

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The Baltimore Riots; Racial Oppression? or Lack of Biblical Parenting.

Baltimore mom

Watching Megyn Kelly on Fox News ask (via a reporter) the Baltimore rioters why they were rioting was like watching a clueless college student trying, but failing, to identify correctly the photo of President Ronald Reagan held up by Jesse Watters on Fox News. The stunning level of ignorance of today’s college students is beyond belief and although Megyn’s intelligence is light years beyond these products of today’s liberal higher education, still in this situation she is stumbling just as badly as they. Both Megyn and the rioters were clueless as to a motive for doing what they were doing. The Baltimore councilman being interviewed blamed it on years of racial oppression and this particular “outburst” was just the latest release of pent up pressure black folks have been suffering from.  He’s got the narrative right, the narrative that says blame all evil behavior on somebody, or usually something, other than the evil heart of a sinner. According to that narrative, if we just gave these disenfranchised young black males better access to the American Dream and quit keeping them confined to their modern equivalent to their former plantation level of squalid living conditions called ghettos today, well then things would be different.  There would be no riots, there would be no black on black murders, there would be no fatherless black homes where black children are being raised by overworked and overstressed black single mothers, or so goes the narrative. “Fix the system” say the purveyors of this worldview and all these behaviors will miraculously disappear.

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What’s Wrong with a Six Figure Income, Especially for Pastors?

Joyce meyers and jet

Last Sunday in a sermon I shared details about the downfall of a megachurch pastor by the name of Mark Driscoll, a household name among many in the evangelical community.  In my research I turned to comments by John Piper in a post titled “Do You Regret Partnering with Mark Driscoll?”. In that blog post were valuable lessons John wanted to pass along regarding Mark’s fall, lessons that are Christ-exalting and supremely beneficial for all Christians but especially pastors who might have been envious of Mark’s meteoric rise to fame.  One of those lessons from John was this one: “Fifth lesson. I think there is a lesson here about money and salaries of pastors. I think it is a huge mistake to view pastors as corporate executives with huge salaries in the two, three four, five, six, seven eight hundred thousand dollar range. That, to me, is a clear danger signal that the elders and the pastor have their heart in the wrong place. I don’t know Mark Driscoll’s salary, but I think the corporate mindset was too prominent and so the warning to us stands.”[1]

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Does Your Church Use Blackmail to Keep You in Line?

Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles is the site of a Scientology Center. Lawrence Wright examines the religion and the man who made it what it is today.

Or, Is the Factual Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection Enough to Keep Your Faith in Him Solid to the End?

            The recent HBO documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Unbelief” exposes the dark side of a cult that uses blackmail (according to the author of the book, Lawrence Wright) to keep its members in line and faithful to the church.  Its two most famous members are John Travolta and Tom Cruise who, according to an article in the Washington Post, have revealed to the church their deepest and darkest secrets in a procedure called an audit.  Those audits are not only recorded but the auditor takes copious notes of the interviews and keeps them on file for future reference should such a member, like the two mentioned above, ever decide to leave the church.

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Where is the Public Outrage for the Stanley Family?

stanleys-supervised-visit2            On January 12, 2015, Garland County Sheriff’s Deputies and DPS entered Hal and Michelle Stanley’s home, demanding that Hal and Michelle wait outside in the cold while they searched the house and talked to the children. There were reportedly at least 30 people, including a SWAT team, Arkansas State Troopers, a coroner, a doctor, a dozen cars, a medical van, and a sniper (see more details at in a ditch allegedly aiming at the parents on the front porch to search for a mineral supplement that has not been approved by the FDA called MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement.  Supposedly this is such a dangerous supplement that if found in a home, it would be cause to remove all the children from the home without any explanation, warning, or charge, and to keep these children in foster care for an indefinite period of time . . . or so goes the reasoning behind the Human Services agents and their department. Sounds a lot like Justina Pelletier’s nightmare all over again. According to Hal, he was the only one in the family taking the supplement orally and says that the main use of it was as a water purifier for the water they used to hydrate their vegetable garden.

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Where Does Your Joy Come From?

Happy-Kids-Jumping-1280x853“What did you say?” I asked my 2 year old grandson Wyatt. “A cheerful heart is good medcin,” he replied using his normal dual syllable abbreviation for the word medicine as he quoted Proverbs 17:22.  God only knows how much understanding a two-year-old can grasp of these words that passed through his lips.  My guess is a lot more than we think, although Wyatt’s idea of medicine is pretty broad, even broad enough to call my daily dose of Vibe (liquid vitamins) his medcin as well.  Nevertheless, I am convinced he does know that medicine helps make us feel better and he knows also what a cheerful heart is.  Too bad more adults can’t grasp the simplicity of that profound wisdom and apply it to their hearts as well as a two-year-old can, but, that’s what this post is attempting to correct for the faithful few who may read this.

It’s been a tough week for my normally cheerful heart.  I received a very insightful letter from a close friend who outlined several stressors in his life that were weighing him down and pressing him towards depression.  He admitted that his melancholy is also influenced by the lack of sunshine, a factor we can all relate to in these dark days of winter. (I wonder how the Inuit Indians deal with depression when their winter deprives them of sunshine almost 24 hours a day!) He ended his letter with many positive things he had going in his life that were like lifelines to his soul, pulling him in the opposite direction away from his melancholy. I too want to highlight lifelines for your soul to grab onto in this post but first, a few more reasons why my normally cheerful heart is needing, now more than ever, a huge dose of Hallmark feel-good movies. Perhaps a marathon weekend of “Sarah Plain and Tall” is in order.

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When Dad Doesn’t Disciple the Kids How a Family Integrated Church Could Help

Jen Wilkin, who blogs at, wrote a post in the TGC (The Gospel Coalition) website with the title above WHEN DAD DOESN’T DISCIPLE THE KIDSAll in all, it is a helpful post addressing a very common and critical problem facing godly mothers whose husbands are taking a back seat to the single most important responsibility a father has, which is to raise their sons and daughters in the discipline and instruction of the Lord according to Ephesians 6:4.  Single moms and moms with unbelieving husbands have no other alternative but to take this responsibility upon themselves, she writes in her post, but the mom with a believing husband who is abdicating his responsibility puts the mom in a delicate position.  Does she pray and wait for the husband to initiate the discipleship (I assume that is what she means when she says she is torn between wanting to honor her spouse and wanting to spiritually educate her children) or does she usurp his role and go it alone?  Tough choices, I agree.  In the end she opts for option two, using the analogy of a derelict crossing guard who is irresponsibly reclining in her lawn chair responding to an Instagram while children need her to stop traffic and get them safely across the street. If that should happen, she (Jen) would assume the role of the crossing guard and take over, making sure her children arrive safely to the other side, using the rationale that she reports to a higher authority than the crossing guard and so must usurp the crossing guards authority in that situation.  Applying this to an irresponsible father who is not extending the figurative protective flag of his authority at the dinner table to have family worship, a godly mother must go it alone.

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